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De Korrel wordt The Grain!

You read it well, De Korrel goes international! Starting from today we will only post English articles. We believe that our satire is among the best in the world and our level of English is too good to use it not. All respect for our Dutch satiristic colleagues like De Speld and Het Beleg van Antwerpen, but they just don’t come on our ankles. It’s as if Manchester City would play in Belgian 4de provinciale. We need a little bit of competition.

Hopely you, our current readers, will not hook off because of this minor language change. Everyone has to go with with his time! And don’t worry be happy, we will still write about Ben Weyts and Conner Rousseau. It will just be in English.

Friendly greetings,

The Grain

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  1. Seig Hiel Seig Hiel

    And also, watch the cat out the tree, never sell the skin from the bear before he is shot!!

  2. Seig Hiel Seig Hiel

    After many fives and sixes, is it nine from the ten some fake news

  3. Jeroen Penninck Jeroen Penninck

    Are they playing with our feet here? They will run into the lamp within the shortest times!

  4. Anoniem Anoniem

    What an aprilfish is me that.

  5. Anoniem Anoniem

    Make that the cat wise

    • Anoniem Anoniem

      That are no manners! You let all your readers stand in the cold! I really do not see this sit. This will be the last time that you hear from me.

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